James “Still Waiting for Part 6” audio clip project

If you're here, you know what this is - I'm rounding together community members for a collective audio clip that will feature in the James Part 6 video a.k.a. #StillWaitingForPartSix.

There are four possible audio clips that can benefit this project, as follows:

  • Where's his siderods?
  • Where's his face?
  • We're still waiting for part 6!
  • When's part 6?

SinceĀ everyone will be layered over each other in the final product, everyone must time their reading of these lines as similarly as possible. Please listen to my example reading of these four lines in the audio file below and do your best to keep in time:

Everything make sense? Good - fill out the form below and attach your files to send them over.

By submitting these files, you: A. Certify that you ("Your Name") are the original author of this file and that the human voice in this recording is yours. B. Relinquish all rights, licenses, and privileges to this work to Kurt Kaminer (a.k.a. Sodor Scratchbuilding) for use in any current and future form of media. Digitally submitting these files serves as a binding legal agreement. (required)
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