Season 1 locomotive numbers #1-7

Updated 12/29/2016, v2.1 –

This is a Photoshop .PDF containing vector (smart object) replicas of the Season 1 model numbers in Gauge 1 (1:32). Not 100% guaranteed to be perfectly accurate, but they are as close as possible given what is available in terms of reference materials.

Three versions of each number are provided depending on the type of decal paper being used. The far left version is as seen on the models, and ideal if you’re going through the trouble of having die-cut decals made (or using these numbers for 3D models). However, if you’re printing on white decal paper, you’ll probably have to cut the edges off the stroke (outlines), and thus will need a bit of bleed to prevent getting a white outline when cutting. For this reason, the center and rightmost alternates are provided with excess stroke and a square box of the outline color, respectively.